Advanced Vision & Wellness Clinic offers the following Vision services -

Comprehensive Eye Exam:

Personal & Family Health History

Detailed Chief Complaint

Pupil, Eye muscles, Peripheral Vision, Central Vision, Binocularity, Visual

exam of ocular structures, Dilation, and Color vision screening test.



Prescription for eyeglasses.

These two services must be performed on 1st time patients based on the State of Utah Standard of care. These are the services covered under Vision plans for routine eye care.

Contact fitting & follow-up:

Prescription for soft contacts, GP contacts. The Dr. fee & supplies are

allocated from the same Vision plan allowance.

Medical Eye Exam:

Red eye, Diabetic retinal exam, Trauma, Removal of objects, Sudden loss of

vision, Development of double vision, eye pain... etc. are billed on medical


Visual Fields:

Test is used to establish and monitor a patients visual performance. Useful in

monitoring disease and for legal standards of vision.

Fundus photos: must be dilated

Photo taken of the back of the eye (retina) to document the condition of the eye.


Test used to see the shape and condition of the cornea. Important in determining

candidacy for surgery and other special corneal treatments.


Test which tells the corneal thickness. Need for LASIK & Glaucoma Evaluations.


Treatment program performed while sleeping for reshaping the cornea to give good vision with out the need of glasses or contacts when awake.