Advanced Vision & Wellness Clinic offers the following Wellness services -

Epigenetics Wellness:

GEMS DNA Test a cheek swab test which will tell your specific DNA code

for which natural food chemicals are good and bad for your cells.


Nutritional Genius is a blood prick test which will show your body's sensitivity

to 200 of the most common foods and explain what should be eaten in

abundance, moderation, or avoided all together.

Cardio Screening:

A simple test using an instrument placed on a finger which can show your heart

and vascular health compared to national standards for people of your age, race

and weight. Can be used to monitor the change in ones health under different

treatment protocols.


Body Fat & BMI

A simple non-invasive test which can help in weight loss and body conditioning

regimens. (Not able to use if one has a pacemaker, electrocardiograph or other implanted

medical device).